Hybrid tank WBD

The WBD hybrid tank is a unique product that allows the storage of domestic hot water and cold or hot process water in one double tank. Its capacity is 270/80 litres. It is made of high quality steel, internally enamelled in accordance with DIN 4753-3 and UNI 10025 standards. The coil with the largest heat exchange surface on the market provides efficient water heating and the magnesium anode provides adequate protection. The tank has 70mm thick foamed polyurethane insulation, which contributes to its exceptional efficiency. It is ideal for use with a heat pump. The product comes with a 5-year warranty.

Product name / code Gdzie kupić
POMPEO Zespół zbiorników CWU 270 litrów emaliowany + bufor 80 litrów stal czarna, klasa B, WBD300 GS
Gdzie kupić

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